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Welcome to the games section, the place to download various styles of games in W:A. This area can be used for downloading fiddles and schemes made in Worms Armageddon, or using the W:A editors.

WM Ckor Description
This is a Game scheme. Directions are included. For those who like a bit more challenging game of Worms.
King of the Hill King of the Hill: This is another game scheme. The object of the game is one team is on a hill and has to stop the other team from climbing a wall and collecting a crate with a weapon the could destroy you. D/L it now from some gaming fun!!.
WM Edward Webb Description
Worms 2 The Worms 2 Default scheme converted to W:A, this is very close to how Worms 2 plays. Includes Homing Cluster, Homing Strike and Cloned Sheep.

Players Downloads (updated on the 1st of September)

Jarod Long Description
Pidgeon Races this is a new scheme where you try to race a homing weapon across a level. Me and my friend were roping around and he said, "im gonna race a pidgeon!". at first we thought it would be stupid but after a while it gets pretty addictive.
The Matrix This fiddle is a new type of game in which you protect "neo" from "the agents". You can jump like the characters in The Matrix too. The weapons arent modified much, but it is still very fun. More info on how to play is in the readme text.
Palpy Description
Y2K Worms Y2K Worms was designed before the dreaded New Year hit, back when people feared the apocalypse. Now we look back on those days and laugh, but almost everyone had thought to some degree that something might go wrong. Y2K Worms takes place in a world where everything went wrong, which isn't historically accurate, but still fun.