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Fiddler Directory

Q:I have a problem. (Tell me somthin' new) Fiddler doesn't find my W:A, no matter where I put it! So, could you tell exactly where I must put those files? Where I put my sprites, and other game files? When I heard about Fiddler, I thought that I would download your stores empty. =) But the disappointment.. well, hell, thnx for reading this! -Ville Rastas

A: My advice would be to re-install W:A and Fiddler. The default dir. for the W:A should be C:\Microprose\WormsArmageddon\WA.exe. This is the US default dir., but I'm not sure of the UK default dir. The sprites and fiddler files should be in the same dir. as the Fiddler.exe (the one you d/l) if you saved it to somehwre other than your desktop. If you did save to your desktop (which I don't really recommend), then save the files in the .exe to the same either the same dir. as the W:A files, or make a new folder in W:A and save it there. just make sure you set the tools as soon as you start fiddler. The game files can go with the th same dir. as the fiddler or in a folder in the fiddler dir. Hope this helps.


Q:Hi there. I recently downloaded Fiddler 4 from www.worms2.com. I installed it to the default folder and tried running it with the demo fiddle included. After clicking on "Go", W:A loads ok, and allows you to go to the Multiplayer menu. However, when you click on Start Game from there, the game gets a third of the way through the "filling in W:A logo" anim before crashing to Windows. Altering the "Auto-run", "Auto-quit", "No animations" and "No intro" options in any combination has no effect. Using the "Diagnostic write" option causes W:A to work perfectly, but without the effects of the fiddle used (i.e. it runs in Intermediate setting). W:A and Fiddler are installed on their default paths. I have Windows 98, 128 Mb Ram and a P3-450. Any ideas what has gone wrong? -Sam Skipsey

A: Well, first and foremost try d/l the fiddler from here. The try re-installing W:A. I can'treally tell you the problem, but I suggest doing those two things, then doing manual loads, and it should work.

The List

Q: 1.how do u make a mission able to go on the net?????2.can u us super weapons on the net,if u can how???? 3.does fiddler keep all of its sprites,and sounds in a file,if they do WHERE?! 4.when is the next version of fiddler comeing out? -xelnaga

A: Here is your answer:

  1. You can't. Well at least with fiddler. You can make your own missions if you edit the normal W:A setup and give specific rules to your opponent/ally. But since Fiddler doesn't work over the net, I'm afraid there will be no fiddler net missions. Sorry.
  2. The super weapons can be used if you have The Full Wormage option. You have to pretty much do everything in the game to get it or search the web for a d/l of it.
  3. The sprites and sounds are on your W:A disc. It simply just accesses them. The grid icons are included with fiddler, however. Don't bother trying to make your owns sprites/sounds, unless you have a lot of time on your hands and know a lot about hacking.
  4. We don't really know since Fudge Boy (creator of Fiddler) is VERY busy, and has little time to make a new version of Fiddler. It is rumored though, he MIGHT be able to make a v4.1 soon, but don't count on it.

Flame Bars

Q: I notice how the powerbar of WA can feature an animated flame. Is it possible to customize ur own powerbar and allow WA to recognize the new design for display? I'm not sure whether the animated flame is a sprite or not, but it would be pretty awesome to fiddle with that and make ur own designs. If there is a way to do it, please inform me on how it can be accomplished. I've asked this question to other people before and ive got straight "no" answers with no reason behind it, so i really dont know whether the answer was ignorance or just the truth. Yet seeing how the fiddler can alter the WA game, i see no reason why there couldnt be a way to customize the powerbars. Whether im wrong or not, i would appreciate a definite answer .-Louie

A: To be honest, I'm not sure. I guess its possible, since it has to either be programmed into W:A or Fiddler for you to have it. But you would have to crack the W:A code and stuff, which I have no clue about how to. But it is possible. Check out some hacking websites, or you can just wing it. I suggest trying to get a hold of someone who can help you crack the W:A code and reprogram it.


Q: Hi. I cant get the Fiddler to work. When I open it up it says it cant find W:A, so what directory should W:A be in? and does the fiddler have to be anywhere special either? is this why when I start a game of W:A with the fiddler, it brings me back to windows? Thanks very much -Alex

A: The W:A dir should be in C:/Microprose/Worms Armageddon/WA.exe. All of the other worms files should be located in the Microprose folder.The fiddler doesn't have to be anywhere in particular, but it's a wise idea to put it somewhere where it can be found easily. If your are really having trouble goto options and turn off skip intro, then goto manual start and start W:A as you normally would. That should work, if not let me know, I'm here to help =).

Wormer Response: Hi I've been using Fiddler for a little while and it's fantastic! This is just a reply to "Troubleshooting" at the bottom of the Q+A page. I had the same problem with fiddler when I installed it - I went to re-install WA and got the default directory, in my version (UK) the directory was C:/Team17/Worms Armageddon/WA.exe, so I just relocated WA. It would be great if the next version of Fiddler supported different WA directories! -Nick Beeton


Q: I have recently discovered the joys of fiddeling with WA and I have run into a little problem. When I was trying to make some new guns I noticed input some boxes labeled 1,2,3,5 at the top right of the weapon editor. I was wondering if you could explain what their used for as I am completely cluless and haven't been able to find any mention of them in the readme file. If you could that would be ACE !!! Anyway thanks for reading this ! -HellsDevil

A: These are unknowns. If you goto the "explode on" menu in the explosion editor you'll notice that too. These are elements in the game which have not yet been discovered what they do. For example, say we have unknown 1 and unknown 2 on the "explode on" menu. You (as a beta tester) would then click unknown 1 on, and unknown 2 off. Then open W:A with fiddler running. You would shoot a bazooka (or another weapon) at things until it explodes. It explodes in a worm. Therefore unknown 1 is a Worm. Then you do the same with unknown 2, yet it doesn't seem to explode on anything. This means you will have to do more testing, but since you don't have enough time until it's release, you have to try for the next beta version. The ones in the upper column are probably related to whats at the botom of the menu, yet they have not been discovered yet.

Fiddler Over wormNET

Q: Can i use fiddler v4 schemes over wormnet when my opponents don't have it? If no, can I use it over wormnet if they do have it? Or does it not work because the weapons don't get sent through wormnet? -Andrew Davison

A: Fiddler doesn't work over wormNET at all. It's due to technical problems of editing process of fiddler, I'm not exactly sure what. I have been told that it does work over a LAN connection, as long as both computers have EXACTLY the same fiddle and fiddler version.

Uploading problems continue

Q: Hi it's me again, josh, what you told me to do with the fiddler does allow it to work (with fiddler running in background) but it doesnt run the scheme or anything it just plays the normal worms armageddon scheme intermadite( I think its spelled wrong but who cares) and doesnt override it, why is it doing this? and how do you put new weapons on the game (or on the fiddler) you downloaded from the internet?(the ones on your web site like scud missile) -wirgau

A: I'm not sure what is going on here, but I have a few ideas on what to do to fix it. First, what I would do is d/l the Fiddler.exe file again, then overwrite your current fiddler with that one, just to make sure everything is there. Then goto options and turn on Auto Off, or something like that. Then turn off animations and skip intro. Then goto manual load and load the game as you normally would. Then goto multiplayer and start the game, but don't change anything. If that doesn't work try diagnostic write. If you are still having trouble, email me again with details on exactly how you start the game.


Q:Hello my name is josh and need help with the fiddler, for one I load up a scheme on the fiddler, that works (and yes I did do the things in the tools menu too or it was options I cant remember but it was the right thing) then I start worms armageddon (with fiddler running in background) and start to play with a team and another player or computer, then before it says please wait running it exits the game and says it performed an illegal operation. It only happens when I load A scheme from the fiddler,and they're even the fiddles people made on your website. how do I play the game with a scheme from fiddler without that happening? -wirgau

A: Try running fiddler manually. Usually this works. If not turn off skip intro and turn on no animations. If this still doesn't work try either the auto off option, or a diagnostic write. I'm not sure what DW does, honestly, but I think it helps the fiddler program run better.

Chubby Dynamite

Q: Hey it's me again. I've been trying to make a dynamite strike, but it always screws up. The dynamite always come out of the plane looking big and fat like when it's about to explode. Please help me. - Lawrence Chan

A: The reason for this is because of the sprite animation. Try using all the "how used", in the sprite edit menu, and see which one works best. I haven't used fiddler in a while so I could not tell you which one it is.

Password Problems

Q: hi, your schemes are not working it keeps bringing up the editing password screen so can you please help me Thanks. - dylan roberts

A: For password protected schemes(pwp's), such as my own, there is a little bug in the fiddler that doesn't let you run them from the program. If you want to play pwp's then you have to exit fiddler, pick the fiddle you want to play, and move it over the Fiddler.exe icon, so the little + sign appears and put it there, the fiddler will start up. Another method is to double lcik the fiddle, but you have to have done the file association previous to this. Hopefully, Fiddler v4.1 will have this bug, and the sound bug, fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Q: Is it possible to make clusters blow up into more clusters? - Lawrence Chan

A: Not with the current version of Fiddler. If Fudge Boy ever gets the chance to work on Fiddler v4.1 it is a chance, but I've heard its because of technical problems. My solution to this is either use strikes, the 5X cows trick, or have it explode into more clusters.

NWF6Fyretoad is back!

Q: how do you get the fiddles to work should have been my question!!! - NWF6Fyretoad

A: To open a fiddle, when using the Fiddler goto File open, and find the file. It's just like any other program that uses files. For PW protected Fiddles, like my own, goto wherever you keep your fiddles, and double click the fiddle you want to play. This only works if you set Make File Assoc. in Tools in Fiddler, and restarted you computer.

Weapons and Such

Q: Well i just got fiddler started using it and loved it. Now i got every extra weapon on the list and don't know how to make them appear,(use them, and stuff like that). I also got a few fiddles and when i try to use them some say error cant read .ffffffffff and it keeps appearing. HELP ME!!!!!!!! -Tezzman1

A: To edit a weapon, you must double click on the weapon you want to edit. It will take you to a subscreen where you can change grid icon, name, and other things. To use the weapon, goto set ammo/delay and highlight the weapon for all the teams(do testing to figure out what number is what color ) and click eithe Infinite or put in you ammount in the box and click change. For the error, that's for PW protected fiddles. See above reaponse for this one.

Grid Pictures

Q: Hey Ckor, heres's anothere question that I want answered. I can't remember where, but I read somewhere that one can make a grid picture for a weapon. Is it true? And if so, How? -Blizzard85xSDx

A: As of this moment, you cannot create your own grid pictures. Fudge Boy originally planned for this, but it was cut from the final version for technical reasons as I recall. Most likely, if and when Fiddler v4.1 comes out it will be included.


Q: How r u using all of the weapons? everytime i use it,i choose a battleracer sveme so theyll be invulnerable and so the land is indistructable,and when i start the game it uses those, but it also uses the intermediate scheme!Not only that, but if i have a fiddled weapon thats not in intermediate scheme, it wont let me use it! HEEEEEEEELLPPP!!!!!!!!!! -Bulzeeb

A: This letter was sent to me, but was originally sent to AGI, so PLEASE SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO THE EMAIL BELOW!!! Anywho. First off, if the battleracer scheme is a Fiddler file then when you start the game, intermediate is supposed to be on. The fiddler overrides this file with your fiddle. Don't change it, because if you do the game will screw up. And to get all the weapons, highlight all he weapons in the fiddler, goto set ammo/delays, then set as many as you want, but be sure to turn off delays too. Also, the reason it uses the intermediate scheme when you start up the Fiddler is that is the Default scheme for Fiddler. If you d/l'ed some of the fiddles from this site, then goto open, and find the file. Then, if it is not pw protected, change the worms and land as you like. If you are still getting pissed off, send me an email [no longer available]. And next time, try to make more sense and be more detailed =).

A Short letter

Q: please where do i put fiddles!!? - NWF6Fyretoad

A: You can put the .fsc files wherever you want, actually. But I suggest finding the folder with the Fiddler files, and making two folders: Fiddles and Mods. This will help keep you organized. But you have to make sure to goto Tools and Make File Assoc. so the fiddler will recognize the files.

Sprite Menu

Q: What do the "how used " things in the sprite menu mean? -Lawrence Chan

A: OK here's a list of what they do:

Default File

Q: Can you please make me a new default fiddle and e-mail me because there are not weapons showed when a I'm playing the worms armageddon not even when I turn ON the "allow all weapons" switch. -Jurica Bistrovic

A: Well, the default file you have is fine. Setting "Allow all Weapons" lets you use strikes in caverns and such. To get all the weapons you must click set ammo/delay and highlight all the stuff, then click Infinite, but make sure to set delay to 0.

Weapons Problems

Q: I've tried to make my own weps be4 but everytime i try to use one the game quits on its own!! PLEASE HELP ME! -BEATME

A: Sometimes when you make weapons, they can screw up the game. If the game is quiting on you when you use a weapon, then goto that weapons menu and try to fix it. BTW, you do not want to change size of sprite, since it always messes up the game (for me anyway). I' not even sure why it's there.

First Letter!

Q: I've been wanting to make missions to put on the net - in order o do this I have to have to worms and the crates in a set position (the x and y thing) but I can't figure out, for example, where x650 and y50 would be. I found a way you could help me here: you know the program that takes the screen shots of Worms Armageddon, well I thought you could make a little distance legend that fits right in a screen shot of a map (in the map editor)! If you have no idea what I'm saying or you don't know how, just tell me what the entire distance of a full map is (eg 1600 pixels or something) -Joey Sullivan

A: Well, what I did to find out the x,y co., is I went to the W:A directory, and looked for W:A readme ( it should be right next to the wa.exe file).It's 1920(x) x 696(y). The higher x is the father it is to the right, the higher y is, the higher up the it is. Just take off about 5 from each if you are using a border. You might have to screw around to get the right spot. It's mostly guesstimating.

Values and Results

Q: Is there a list somewhere of basic fiddler values and corresponding results? Or as to which values mean what, and achieve what effect. Or is there a list of the sprites usable in W:A? - Ben S. Mason

A: The final version of Fiddler v4.0 has a sprite and sound list. Simply double click in the box where you would normally put the sprite or sound number. There is a glitch in the final version that, for some reason, doesn't play the sounds, so you have to know them. For things like acc. factor and stuff, just mess around til you get what you really want.

Multiple Sprites

Q: hey, I was wondering how to make more then one sprite in the clusters... I know to change # of sprites to 2 (or higher), but when I go to do the sprites, it only lets me do one (or I don't know how 2 do 2) so... help please. - Josh Clarke

A: First, open a cluster weapon. The go to the clusters section (the one with number os cluster, angels, etc.) Then pick you sprite, and where it says number of sprites to use put in how many you want after the sprite you picked. For example, let's say The blue plane is sprite 1, the orange is 2, and the green is 3. You pick the blue plane sprite, and put 3 in the #of spr. Then all three will pop out (if you have the number of cluster higher than 3) but if u put 2 in # of spr. The only the blue and orange ones will pop out. I hope this helped.

Making of a Sprite

Q: I really enjoyed the Fiddler. But there is one question (2, actually) that I would like to have answered. Can I make my own Sprite? and if so, How? -Blizzard85xSDx

A: Unfortunately, Fiddler cannot make its own sprites, but it is possible. I don't know how, really, but I think it has something to do with first make each individual sprite for the animation, and somehow replacing the sprites of one weapon with another. I know someone changed the Old Woman into R2-D2, but it took them around 2 months to do. To me, it isn't really worth it unless you have lots of spare time on your hands. BTW, you did spell my name right ;).

"I'll pay $50 for one..."

Q: Where do I put this stuff once I unzip it? -Pip

A: OK Pip, first d/l the .exe file to somewhere where you will remember it (try making a folder on you desktop marked "Fiddler"). Then, simply unzip all the files to that folder. And make a Fiddle and Mods folder inside that one. It helps to keep you organized. Then open fiddler and goto tools and set them both, then restart your computer, and that should work.

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