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Updated: 22nd July 2001

Like the single player missions that come with WWP? Yes, then you'll no doubt want to try out some of these new mission files...

Loch Description
Eyecandy The evil Dr. Boggle is leading you through traps! Shoot the target, get the crates, destroy more targets, get another crate, and blow up Dr. Boggle's secret weapon cache before escaping from the explosion!
Mysterial Description
Anger Management Ever wanted to beat the sense out of (or into) Team17? Now is your chance.
Patrick Description
Rainbow 6 Mission Pack This mission pack is based loosely on the Rainbow 6 game. Sort of...

#1) You are soon to be a member of the Elite International Counter Terrorist Task Force known as "Rainbow". First, though, you must reach the Rainbow Six base in Hereford, England. The flight over from Washington is a bit treacherous though, as Spanish rebels happened to be searching for an Ambassior as hostage. Too bad he missed his flight...

#2) We have just found out the some former German KGB officers have taken some Rich Austrian hostage in his private castle. We need to be able to see inside the castle, so get your man over to the doorway and set up your monitoring devices. Then, make your selection of weapons the Terrorist have stashed away. Be careful! We will have to send in a missle attack after 8 Total turns, so work fast!

#3) Some Terrorist have take over a Swiss Bank, and are holding hostages! Your mission is to kill all the terrorists. But first you must get the hostages safe. Don't get seen by any Guards, they'll be sweeping the area every few turns. You have 5 minutes or 16 total turns.