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Weapon Modules

Here they are, the weapons you've been waiting for! If you have a few weapons that you would like people to try or don't want to add them to a fiddle then this is the place. You can use these weapons with the latest version of the fiddler by right clicking on a weapon in the Weapons Listing box and loading one of these files in its place! Send your weapons and descriptions to Edward to add them to the page.

New Weapons (updated on the 12th July 2001)

SWATwillystyle Description
(Weapon Set)
Weapons include the insane sheep, organic cload and THE digital sheep!
Larry Olayiwola Description
Larry's Fiddler Weapons Weapons include the Banana Strike, Donkey Launcher and Flaming Arrow.
Xwing Description
Super Homing Missile A cool weapon for the Fiddler!
Torturous Flame Thrower This is a very torturous flame thrower designed to deal a lot of damage.
Chris Venter Description
Anti-Tank Gun Much like a real Anti-Tank Gun. Fires a high velocity missile with a devastating impact.
Bird Poo A Pigeon flys by (Backwards no less) and leaves you a little present, that makes you wonder what he has for lunch.
Buckshot Works similar to a real shotgun. Uses many samll pellets to deliver a very random amount of dammage. Can do upwards of 100 damage or as low as 5 or 6, but the higher numbers will come with a little practice. Great for burrowing too.
Cow Mutant Through the wonders of nuclear pollution this bizarre, but powerful weapon shows what happens when mutated cows become pregnant.
Double-H G Bomb A Holy Hand Grenade(HHG) strike.
Fire Rounds A weapon that combines petrol with a shotgun. Great if shot into a ceiling or at someone on a ledge near the water.
Fusion Grenade An extremely powerful grenade that sends out a devastating shockwave after an immense explosion..
L.D.L.U. (Life
Doesn't Like You)
This is a weapon best left as a surprise, to get the full effect of it's humor. You won't be dissapointed. NOTE: This weapon may slow down very much on a computer that has very little RAM, or a very slow processor. Let me know if it locks up anyone's computer and I will fix it.
Q-Bomb A spacegoing interdimensional missile that does incredible damage and leaves the area temporarily radioactive.
Rubber Bullets This crowd control favorite is now available for home use. Works best in a small area without your worm in it..
Scud Missile A powerful homing missile that leaves behind traces of deadly gas.
Swiss Gun A rifle weapon that sends the target flying and makes swiss cheese out of the terrain.
Throw Up A Simple Weapon. Throws you up. If used under a ledge or in a cave the effects can be very impressive.
Marion White Description
Smelly Nuke (Note by Ed: I had to think of a name for this weapon by request, so although I'm not particularly good at naming things I have called it "Smelly Nuke", which you will find out is appropriate. :)
Pavel Chekov Description
AD Minigun The ultimate in Gun Technology. Bullets are sprayed about doing mass damage like usual, but they break through the terrain. Great Anti-Darksider weapon.
Skunkageddon Watch skunks come down from the sky and release gas while they blow up the whole landscape.
Kevin Description
Jewish Grenade (Note by Ed: Oo-er! Don't worry, though, as the name is the only controversial part about this powerful weapon)

This weapon is very cool. Just d/l it ! dont take offense if u are jewish !

Dirt D. Digger Description
Mole Demolition Team

My first good weapon fiddle (simple as it may be) the Mole Demolition Team! Send them in a herd and watch 'em dig down to your enemies' cave...Dig and Die!!!...Holy Spirit and Bouncing Bomb soon to come.....

Ike Description

A large gun, with readme enclosed!

Fissure Description
Aluminium Bat

A bat that not only assures a kill, but will sent any worm off the map!

Oil Can Strike Need I say more?
Point, Click, Kill The ultimate in instant gratfication! Just click of your enemy and watch him explode!
Swim Test Its the nuclear test except it sends the entire terrian to the bottom of the ocean! Can your worms swim?
Baz Bazooka Description
Nuclear Fruit

Here's a weapon for you to try out, but I warn you, set the timer to 5 and as soon as you throw it, use "freeze" to protect you WORMS! I call it; "Nuclear Fruit"!

Justin Long Description
Confused Strike

This is one of my first weapons and I think its pretty good considering I have only started making weapons. It can hit a large radius of worms at once and is best used when alot of their worms are grouped together without yours there.

Andrew Nelless Description
(Weapon Set)

Holy Mortar - This is basically a Mortar that homes in like a Patsy's Magic bullet but instead of clustering into grenade clusters it clusters into Holy Grenades! This is good for cavern terrains. Just lock in above the enemy and fire.........he he he.

Sheep filled banana bomb - This is exactly what it sounds like. it explodes to release burning sheep that home into you enemies. As you can tell i love homing weapons....!

ej_fuzz99 Description
Monkeys With Additude

The BEST weapon from my game scheme Judgement Day, it is a herdable salvation army that does twice as mutch damage! Download it and try it out!

Squirminator2K Description
Anti Darksider Shotgun (replaces original shotgun)

Set to only explode on Worms. Use like normal shotgun and takes same energy (25). It passes through the ground, people! I don't like weapons which take away too much energy because it makes the game way too easy!

Jeffrey Ham Description

Fires three times, can send worms soaring over the terrain!

Old Weapons

Mkston Description
Mixed Mod These are the weapon module files from Mkstons Weapons. The following ones can be downloaded seperately:

Bazooka (Special Edition)
Bouncy Ball
Crawling Mines
Drill Strike
Explosive Longbow
Explosive Shotgun
Falling Sky
Flying Drill
Gas Shell v2.0
Gas Shell
Kamikaze Bombers
Nikita (Guided Missile)
Automatic Shotgun
(new) Sheep Launcher
Uzi (Special Edition)

Agent Byrom Description
Gas Shell

This is my greatest achievement. When the shell explodes, it will release a cloud of gas which will infect all worms that are caught in it!

Napalm This ain't your airstrike exploding in the sky and scattering fire. On impact, they instantly unleash a blanket of flame accross the terrain which will stay burning for several turns!
Incendiary Strike These 5 incendiary bombs rain down and bounce around the terrain. The incendiary raid causes chaos and is good for seeking out targets.
Fat Man Atomic Bomb This is as atomic as it gets! A plane will fly by and drop the bomb which will explode in mid-air with a force of 500hpts. A large blastwave will shake all worms within its wide range and detonate crates and oil-drums.
Moles of Death Although I have made my weapons for specific strategic purposes, you can just accept this last weapon as a bit of fun! A plane will drop a squadron of moles which stretch all across the terrain and will dig to their death leaving nothing behind them!
Plutonium Rod Radioactive bar of Plutonium which will go critical and spread alpha particles everywhere! Use with extreme caution!
Forcefield Mine Ultra sensitive mine which will detect worms at an extremely long distance and pack one heck of a blast!
Water Balloon Burst it and flood the terrain! Push mines around and injure worms in a spectacular flood!
MetroidHawn Description

The stars are falling, keep away from the middle. This weapon won't do alot of damage, but it looked too cool to leave out. It'll be the Hellraiser weaponry's official Armageddon weapon.

Hellraiser Bomb The ultimate cluster weapon! Yeah, right. Well, it's a bomb that explodes into seeking clusters. And leaves a trail of ghosts. Yes, ghosts.
Hellraiser Bottle Rocket Heh, shoots Petrol Bombs. Well, real POWERFUL Petrol Bombs
Hellraiser Bottle Bomb Revamped Petrol Bomb. Send 'em home cryin'!
Hellraiser Cadaver Wahoo, straight from the crash tests is this little doodad - a throw able dead worm! Wait, his eyes are open...
Hellraiser Fake H Grenade I always liked decoys...see what you can pick up in a fixed hotseat game. *Explodes on contact
Hellraiser Fire Thingy Quite honestly, this is just...a big thing of fire. Very fun to use...
Hellraiser Fruit First "Hellraiser" series weapon made. Shoot it like a Bazooka. Explode it like a banana. And watch out! This thing will take a walk if it misses - really!
Hellraiser ICBM Strike Nuff said.
Hellraiser Martin Yeah, Spadge is pissed
Hellraiser Mortar Cha-chink...BLAM! Fire fire!
Hellraiser Mega Morta RUN...JUST RUN AND IT'LL BE OK...
Hellraiser Shell I thought Patsy's Magic Bullet was boring. So I gave it a stupid pill and gave it some horrible physics. Good luck!
AquaSheep Description

its a super cluster bomb with a seemingly indestructible cluster that can fly. its really just 50 clusters in 1 spot at the same time. try it out.

Tunnel Digger Worm Tunnel digger worm the best its going to get, now, you can decide how far and fast its going to go like a default 'zooka
Flying Fire of Delight Its a flying petrol bomb
Glass Shard I call it glass shard because in place of a dragon ball a shard of glass comes out inflicting 70 damage
Donkageddon Here's a Donkageddon one where donkeys fall from the sky like Armageddon killing absolutely everything
Old Woman Grenade Throw her like a grenade but there is more explosion and it looks real funny.
Bouncing Banana Bomb almost Like a carpet or donkey it bounces around until the time runs out.
Gabe Smedresman Description
Dart Gun

looks like a handgun but shoots 3 arrows

Smelly Old Women which works like an old woman until it explodes, when 5 old women come out, each spewing noxious fumes. (in place of old women)
Cloud Strike A large cloud flies overhead, releasing 5 medium clouds, which release 2 small clouds each which slowly float to the ground, exploding on contact. (in place of napalm strike)
Nuclear Strike A nuclear bomb looking surprisingly similar to the magic bullet is released from a plane, falls to the ground until it stops, and explodes after 10 seconds. (in place of air strike)
Rotten Banana Bomb like the "Menagerie" of the demo thing in beta 1, but releases a far greater variety of items. For best effect, launch it straight up on a 1 second timer. (in place of banana bomb)
Howard Canning Description
Howard's Weapon Collection it is basically a bazooka with different pictures being fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SWATwillystyle Description
The real nuclear weapons set This ain't no silver bomb goes down, makes big explosion, this is my type [strike] nuclear worm goes down beacons in air sound goes out white stuff blows the screen and causes great destruction and wide spread panic. I have a bomb, gun bomb, radioactive sheep also included
Teflonitron Description
Super Sheep Strike 2 Super sheep come out of 2 should be sheep. This is not fully de-bugged so instead of the 2 sheep that fall there are kamikaze stars... A better version yet to come.... hopefully...
Ronan Nolan Description
Ricochet Rifle This is a great weapon that does absolutely no damage, but will send the victim flying to over 2000 off the screen, if used in the proper manner (sitting on the victim's head, aiming diagonally down at his head and firing) in an open space.

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