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21:sept//2K - goodbye

I've put together a final batch of features for you all. There is a review of the awful Scary Movie, read it just so you have a reason not to go see the film. Then the Amiga series continues with a look at one of its finest games - Worms: The Director's Cut. Whether the series continues or not I am unsure - I've still to look at Sensible World Of Soccer and WinUAE, as well as bringing you all up to date on Amiga's current happenings. Whether I get the time to complete the series between now and Christmas I doubt very much - however I will attempt to do so.

Finally we have a couple of short stories - Instantaneous Conclusions and Within Perfection's Grasp. Neither are as accomplished as Beginnings and Ends but I hope you find them enjoyable. I am still working on my new story, which is quickly becoming a novella - you will get to read it at some point, probably early next year.

It's been a month since WM.V2 launched and I think I've covered a lot of ground here in the features section, unfortunately I just won't be able to update in the near future. In four days I leave for Uni, between now and then I'll be concentrating on packing and saying goodbye to everyone who is still around my home town (then again most people have buggered off by now).

I've enjoyed the past year at Wormsmart, when I first came on board I never thought that I year down the line we would be doing all this. I hope that I've added something to the site, maybe I have, maybe I haven't that isn't really for me to decide. I've made a couple good net friends in Mr Flump and Edward - we may not agree on everything but in general we get on extremely well.

The site couldn't be in better hands, I trust that they both will move the site forward from here and that when I return we will be in a better position than ever. They are great guys, give them your continued support in the future. Of course I want you to thank you all for visiting the site, without you there really wouldn't be any point in any of this - thanks guys.

I won't completely disappear you will still see me around the forum and from time to time I'll get someone else to upload a feature or two I've managed to put together (hopefully). In any case I'll be back - Sunday 17th December 2000.

Anyway, goodbye, good luck and don't go see Scary Movie please!