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W:A Fiddler


Like the single player missions that come with W:A? Yes, then you'll no doubt want to try out some of these new mission files that work with the Fiddler...

WM Sowler Description
Sowler's Missions (Single Player) 1 to 3 This is the first three single player missions of a pack it quite large due to the .bmp files (553kb) It is well worth it. Be sure to read all the readme's included in the zip. Look out for the next mission coming soon.
Sowler's Missions (Single Player) 4 to 6 This has the next three instalments of sowler missions. Again it is a largish zip file at 685 kb. enjoy. This also has a custom sprite.
Sowler's Missions (Multi Player) 1 to 3 This has the version2 of mission 1 in it. These are all for two players. They are like missions, one person playes the good worms the other the bad worms. There are three missions included. The next mission is coming soon. Hope you enjoy it.
WWP Missions 1 This is the first of two missions to keep you wormers out there occuiped till WWP comes out. Enjoy.
SlugII Description
Single Player Mission Pack I finally completed my single player mission pack! It only has two missions, but they're both hard (enough). Unfortunately, with the full color maps this download is 481 kb to download. Download it now!!!
Mission 3 - Jet Escape Mission 3 of my mission pack is here.
B.J. Badger Description
Fiddler Wars Fiddle Wars is divided into six campaigns, each of which has its own special theme. Each campaign consists of a number of missions. I highly recommend you do the missions in the order they are marked; otherwise, the story will make no sense.
Wilco Fiers Description
Missions of War This is 1 mission and in the zip it also has some colour maps.(description by Sowler)
Nick Beeton Description
Wart I've written up a little fiddle with accompanying map - it's a training map for beginner ropers.