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Yes, you can use the W:A Sprite Editor with WWP in order to convert *.img to *.bmp files - follow the steps below closely and you should be on your way...

1. Make a copy of gfx.dir (in Worms World Party\Data\Gfx). Put it in a folder with no other files.

2. Copy the .img file you want from the WWP CD to any place on your hard drive, and disable the read-only.

3. Open your COPY of gfx.dir, NOT THE ORIGINAL with the sprite editor for WA.

4. Click Convert and add, and open the .img file.

5. The .img file should now be in the list. Save. Exit. Open the sprite editor again.

6. Select your .img file from the list, and click Extract and convert. Select any place on your hard drive, and click OK.