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Sprite Files

On this page you can download sprite files, where Sprite Editor users can add your animations into Worms Armageddon.

A fiddler game includes details which say that a weapon with the sprite currenly selected missile.spr.bmp (Fiddler number 639) should be replaced by rocket.spr.bmp, see the Sprite Editor "How to Use" file for more information.

Remember that sprites can take a long time to animate in a graphics package such as Paint.Net, and longer to make them look good, don't give up if the sprite doesn't work well first time.

Click here to view the Wormsmart version of our weapon selection.

Loch Description
Loch's Sprite Pack This pack of sprites includes the Unshaven Smiley (replaces the MB Bomb), Exploding Cheetos (replaces the Cluster Bomb), Runaway Duck (replaces the sheep), the Exploding Coke Can (replaces the petrol bomb) the pie mine (replaces the mine), and the new Cartoon Bomb (replaces dynamite).
Flameboy Description
Rare Wooden Giraffe A new sprite that replaces he Concrete Donkey. A combination of Team17 art, and some other things I have no idea about, this is a must have for all lightside fans.
Jumping Elvis This brand new sprite replaces the old Sally tambouriner with a jumping / flying Elvis. The animated artwork is truly astounding and in traditional worms style, so see it for yourself.
Patrick Description
Patrick's Full Sprite Pack Includes crate grave, UFO CD Loader, Buffalo Bomb (replaces Carpet Bomb and Truck), Fireball Worm (replaces worm eating food animation), percentage CD Loader, a grave pack, Killer Petunias, and an incredible new White Elephant.
Markavians Description
Apple Bomb Replaces the Banana Bomb.
SecretMan007 Description
Band Aid Strike This sprite replaces the regular air strike with a band aid attack!
Rock Launcher This sprite replaces the Bazooka with a rock!