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Sprite Editor

Extract and replace sprites in Worms Armageddon

This program allows you to add your own sprites to W:A, and is intended for use by advanced users.

Download the Sprite Editor (Made by James Heather, file size 220kb)

To install the program: Open the zip file with a program such as 7-Zip, then unzip the files to a directory such as Worms Armageddon\Data\Gfx\Sprite Editor .

Before opening the program, it is advised that you read all text files included, and make sure that you back up sprite directories (especially Gfx.dir).

The program has been known to cause problems, and can occasionally crash. As it was not originally intended for release, there are some bugs in the program, and further information on them can be found in the How to Use file included with the program.

Please note: This program is used at your own risk. Neither James Heather nor the staff at Wormsmart take responsibility for what the program may do, including what happens to your computer or version of Worms Armageddon.

If you just want to take a look at the sprites themselves, you may prefer to go to Jon Skeet's WA Animations page, where sprites and terrain details from the game are displayed in gif format, while if you want to use your own sprites in the game then you will need to download the sprite editor.

If you have problems then you can either e-mail Ed (change " [-at-] " to "@") or post on the Team17 forum, where we will get back to you as soon as possible.