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This area contains only fiddles. To upload files you will need to send the files to Edward by e-mail, including their names and descriptions.

Wormsmart Team Downloads

WM AGi Description
AGi's scheme Includes such delights as: Napalm Grenade, Sheep in a Bomb, Confused Banana Bomb, Darksider Strike, Clusterable Mines, Bibles, Kamikaze Worm Strike, Donkey Strike, and the Original Total Wormage weapons names. Please note that this is designed as a proper scheme rather than a "look at all the weapons" file, so you'll have to play a few turns to get some of the more powerful stuff...
WM Ckor Description
Sheep Mode
Has up to 20 sheep weapons. Ghost Sheep, Insane Cloned Sheep, and even the dreaded Sheep-ageddon. Very interesting scheme. If you come across any bugs let me know at my email address. Be sure to d/l the Update for Sheep Mode, which contains two new wep's, Slow Motion Sheep Bomb and Petrol Sheep (both very powerful), plus a few changes like grid icons, etc.
The Real Full Wormage
This scheme is almost exactly the same as the normal scheme, except its Worms. Almost all the weapons are worms, I call it the Full Wormage. I was just goofing around and got a little carried away :). D/l for a normal game of Worminess.
Shooters Mode
Here is Shooters Mode, once part of the Best of Ckor , is now a seperate file. It includes 59 weapons from over 11 different first person shooters. Includes goodies like Snark(Half Life), The Bore (T2), and Sniper Rifle(Duke Nukem: Zero Hour). Its well worth D/L. It is meant to be a fair scheme so some stuff may be limited. Also included are Shooters Mode Demo 1 and 2. D/L NOW!
Misc Scheme
Finally completed in all its glory, Misc. Scheme. For those of you who have it, D/L the final version, for those of you who don't D/L it now! Includes such goodies as KoRn Missile, Mad Health Crates, Boomerang, Black Hole, and the dreaded Nuke. Also some other collectable goodies such as Adrenaline, Moon Gravity, and Insta-Walls. Very interesting scheme, well worth D/l.
Misc Scheme 2 Misc. Scheme 2: FINALLY DONE! Misc. Scheme 2. Contains such goodies as Ultra Sheep, Ckor's Atomic Energy Bomb, and LSD Bottle. Very fun scheme. D/L it now!
WM Edward Webb Description
Ed's weps 4 The fourth version of the fiddle is here. With 25 weapons to choose from, including Chemical Bomb, Detonator, Cyclone, Thunder Strike, Grenade Launcher and more, this is likely to be the last version of this fiddle. :)

Players Downloads (updated on the 2nd of September)

Kaboobi Description
Kaboobi's Fiddle Beta 2 This is my second vesion of Kaboobi's Fiddle. I fixed some of the old ones :) dumped some of the old ones :(. AND wrote over all the dumped ones:) :) :). Enjoy!
Jim Bauer Description
West Side A group of great weapons like worm strike, grenade launcher, super fire sheep, petrol launcher, golden gun,anti-tank rifle, homing strike, I think one of my best the self destruct, astriod, along with many other great weapons.
Cottons Description
Difference Theres a difference between this fiddle and others, but not a big one :-) this has things like a Straight Bazooka the Manual Mortar, Test Skunk (one of my favourites) the Sick Clone Strike...which I kind of messed up but I'm proud of all the same, and the Better Axe, not everything is changed but alot is and I like it so I'm gonna let you all download it :-)
Kevin Description
Experiment This is a great, funny worms scheme!
Darius and Bob the Salamander Description
Prag 1 A fiddle a friend and I created. weapons include: Little Piece of Hell, Bouncing Missile, Gang of Old Women, Bow and Airplane, Paratrooping Worms, Bananna Bazooka, Dart Gun, Worm Launcher, Mad Cow disease, Plague-In-a-Can, and many more including some I borrowed from other Fiddles (water balloon, etc.)!!! enjoy!!!
Smartgamer Description
Silly Strangeness Finally, I have fine-tuned my Fiddler scheme. Have fun!
Jarod Long Description
Perfect Dark This is a fiddle I made based on the Nintendo 64 game, Perfect Dark. Included are the Devastator, Slayer, Cyclone, and more! Fans of the real game are sure to love this fiddle!
Wesley Yu Description
Saves! This is my first fiddler file. It includes weapons called Canister of Doom and Holy Dynamite and Drillagedon.
Psx driver Description
PS Vol. 2 Includes weapons such as Double Super Sheep and Truck Bomb.
Kullervo Hynynen Description
Modifications Has a few bugs, but will be worked out soon.(dont use flamethrower) Includes weapons of destruction such as executioner's gun(300 shot minigun doing 10 damage per shot), Very improved grenade(explodes for 75 damage and a TON of petrol),Herdable king of skunks, Grouped sheep exploding into petrol, and many more.More soon!
Mark Hawkins Description
Mark's EVEN Better thing Here is Mark's EVEN Better thing By Mark Hawkins. It is EVEN Better than the old one. I like the worm attack. Please put it on your site..
Tempyst Description
Tempyst Storm 1.0 It is my first Fiddle and includes all original weapons. Some of the best are Unexplained Fires, Cross Fire, Clustergeddon, and many more. Expect 1.5 out soon.
Gleek Boy Description
Gleek Boys Creation This fiddle has all 60 weapons, there are to many to name, but some of my favorites are God's Fury, God's Wrath, Dragon Cow, Killer Kow, Lots o' Ladys, and much more.
SlugII Description
Mojo Weapons One of my best fiddles (and the only I fell like spreading around on the net)! It includes such weapons as: Mojo Granny, Death Pellets and my favourite of all: The banana skunk. 90% of all the weapons on this fiddle are original! I didn't really copy any, it just so happens that 3 or 4 of them were on some other fiddles. Bye for now!
The wormf---ers Description
Cow fiddle This is the definitive cow fiddle. It has such weapons as cowamite, holy cow, super banana milkshake, and the 2 dreaded cowmageddons. Some weapons we made by ourselves and others weapons we modified from weapon modules that we have seen. Almost every weapon is a cow except for a couple stupid little crappy ones.
Blizzard85 Description
Blizzard85's Creation This is my first scheme, so don't expect anything great. In here you will find many interesting weapons, such as the Plasma Unit, Thor's Hammer, Flying Banana, and many others. Please, if you come upon any bugs in the scheme, tell me and I will fix it. There are two schemes in this zip, they are the same exept that the one that has *-il* in the end has Indestructable Land option checked. Hope you enjoy!!
Chris Venter Description
CP's Superset CP's Superset - A collection of most of my weapons. This is an actual setting meant to be played so there are delays and ammunition settings. Hopefully they are appropriate but let me know if they seem excessive. Includes such favorites as L.D.L.U., Aqua Sheep Squadron, Swarmers, Buckshot, Anti-Tank Gun, Polish Handgun, Fire Slugs, Fusion Grenade, Cow Mutants and many more.
Adrian Cosnett Description
Adam Cosnett's Hell A very nasty fiddle with weapons such as :- Donkey Missiles (Very strange) , Split Missile , Flaming Comet Strike.If you find any bugs , please report them to me at adrian.cosnett@btinternet.com.Use but don't abuse (It could kill you). Have fun killing each other !!!!
Killerworm Description
Mecha Gunz The guns are big, not just 'slightly big' but HUGE!!!!!! The Mecha Minigun pumps 200 rounds into a worm, taking 10 off per-hit. Four weapons are updated, the Skunk Squad, Damn Leak!!, Artillary Barrage and a Mole Launcher.
Pigeons Everything's a pigeon!
Mecha Weapons I have made mecha weapons a proper sheme. I have made each team have their own individual weapons. eg: team one doesn't have many air attacks [about 3 out of about 8, I think-and those are: wormstrike (bloddy useless, but very funny, never the less....lol) nuclear missile, and....can't remember the other.] where as team 2 is EXACTLY the oppsite. Their main weapons are air attacks, and very few things that are not air attacks (strikes) are unlimited.

Team three have even more different settings, using mostly roaming weapons. Team 5 are ninja worms, and what they lack in weapons they make up in toughness, and have 1500 more health than all other worms. [All others have 4000.] Team 6, was when I set an ammo amount [three] and randomly changed the weapon's ammo. Doomanite has been improved too.

Mecha Weapons 2 The second Mecha Weapons included is a look at all the guns version, like before.
Pavel Chekov Description
Lethal Weapons There's alot of weapons to this one. My favorites are the navy subplane, the Biff Bomb and the Homing Worm. Also includes the demo version and a demo for my next fiddle. One for all... all for one... every man for himself...
Matt C Description
Pokémon This is just a demo, and has a few bugs, but check out all the pokemon moves.
Jeff Stapleton Description
Jeff's Weapon Fiddle This is the first fiddle ive ever done. I have an extremely creative mind and this fiddle should prove interesting. I cant give u my e-mail, preferably cause i dont have one. My fiddle includes such weapons as the pregnant sheep, laser shot, kamikaze aircraft, para medkit, and the homing banana bomb.
William Flores Description
King Of Spades Flame Pack This set includes weapons based on fire. Such as the fire blaster, pump gun, flame bow, and Flame gun. There will be some weapons that have the same name but have a couple of differences. But these weapons will deal extreme damage.
Craig Londale Description
Wackiful There's WAY too many to list 'em all, but some personal favorites include the Termite Swarm, Rampant Virus, Construction Strike, and Aspect of Pigeon. This is one huge fiddle well worth downloading!
King Albrecht Description
Leader Has a few new weapons, including god's anger, pigeon dropper, golden gun, comet strike, napalm grenade, satanic suicide, helicopter gun, farting cows and the mole army. New weapons in the update are dragon punch, ha-do-ken, semi-automatic, bat rope (from worms 1) and homing air strike.
CoWs I won't list all the weapons because I changed so many but I will list my favorites. I didn't change the grid pictures because they would all be cows!!! Some of the weapons included are : cow strike, cow attack missile, cow-Armageddon, cow ball and the cow mine!!
AquaSheep Description
Total Zaniness It has a straight mini-gun, falling grannies but most important of all, a special thing that is a digger worm that is really cool it opens and closes its mouth while digging into the terrain in place of the grenade!
Crumpchola Its not quite done yet. But there are some total zaniness still in it. its got other stuff to. Such as arrow gun and old woman grenade to name a few. its not what I or anyone else would call a formal weapon set, more like a look at all the wep's.
Aqua's Super Flyers AquaSheep's Last and final Scheme, This scheme is set up to make everything fly. some favorites include: 1.Super R 2. Aqua Donkey 3.Helmeted Sheep 4.Confused Sheep This is a very good scheme for super/aqua sheep flying fans, it gives more variety of things to fly
Teflonitron Description
Teflonitron's Fiddle Strike(1-5sec), homing air strike, automatic handgun, shotgun with ammo boost, Bible bomb, Flamer missile, worm launcher (bazooka with screwed up sprite) and I think that's it.
Gabe Smedresman Description
Gabe's Fiddle II This is the second version of my fiddle, including such weapons as: Poison Dart Gun - really makes a worm sick when you shoot it Mole Launcher (WARNING: Blatantly Stolen) HoverBomb, RubberBomb and SonicBomb Terrain Carver - excavates ground quickly without harming worms Underground Strike - kills darksiders and much much more!
Lord Hugh Description
Fiddled! This has loads and loads of stuff : gas can that you can throw (original, not using "Gas Canister" setting), Incendiary Mine, Shockwave Bomb, and a whole s***load more
The Neilands Description
Everything's a worm Almost everything is a worm! It's got wormageddon, super worm, flatulent worm, and much much more!
CrAZyWoRM Description
CrazyWorm's Arrow No Description Provided.
CyberMan Description
Military Reinforcements:
Area 51 beta 2
Well I didn't want to talk much about the weapons so I won't spoil it all. Includes FrostFire, Golden Egg Launcher and Split Missile.
Mkston Description
Mkston's Fiddle v1.5
Mkston's Fiddle v1.5il
The 2nd fiddle is the same as the 1st but has indestructible Land option on.
Assasin Description
Mix-up This fiddle features tons of new weapons. For example: smokebow, question launcher, touch of death, noah's flood (watch out for this one), tracer, sally launcher and many many many (many) more. If you find any bugs tell me!
Dan the Man Description
Madfiddle My first fiddle file, but it's a good one with many enhanced and new weapons. Try it out!
Nathaniel Hillard Description
Best Ever i have compiled a fiddle that has only very few weapons, but they are the best that i could find. all of my weapons i got by playing litterally all of the other fiddles, and picking out the best weapons. it is sure to promote a fun game!!!!!enjoy:)
Agent Byr0m Description
Pyr0technic Terr0r
Fiddle File 4
The final release! This fiddle is the last in the series of py0technic terr0r and contains all 60 weapons!!! some new releases are the Anti-aircraft battery, stealth commando, kamikaze paratrooper, Trident nuclear missile and Runaway drill! Not forgetting all the glorius weapons stacked into the fiddle from the very start! Who could forget the feather bomb, army ants, pregnant granny, plutonium, network failure, smoke screen and oh what the heck! I'm not going over them all again! Just download and see for yourselves! The detailed weapon document tells you everything you need to know! Hope you enjoy! @:-)>
Alex Yeung Description
Bullets Maniya
It is my first fiddle the only problems are that i dont have many weapons for it
NuclearBlast Description
NuclearBlast's Weapons NuclearBlasts weapons Beta6. They contain some of the newest weapons like Shooting Star, Shooting stars, Blobageddon, Gassy Star and many more! Also contains a readme file complete with the weapon details, damage factor, and many other features tellling you about the weapon!
Will Freund Description
Worm War 3 beta easy to intall unzipped fiddle(still working on origanal idea wepons chart and story.this is the beta fiddle before i waste mister flumps wepage with the WA 3.6MB total conversion n fiddlethis has cool weapons like the cool atomic airstrike that does not just kill every one but has an old grahphic trick to it.also has all orignal weapons like walking fire,insane sheep,multiple sprite cluter,fire disintegrating sheep,lost grannyz in the hood ,bouncing 24 and shot-a-power-bar