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Beginnings and Ends
written by: adam mcnicol


10:sept//2K - beginnings and ends


This is the first part of a four part short story that will unfold over the following weeks. I hope very much that you enjoy it as much as I did writting it in the first place.

I've borrowed a few things from the Star Trek universe in order to put the story together, however this is anything but a piece of Star Trek fan-fiction - please do not view it as such.

This story may be followed by others in future and I hope that it might inspire some of you to write your own stories and I have been assured that if you do, there will be a place from them here at WM.V2.

enjoy the story - adam mcnicol.


Part One - Installation Procedures
Part Two - Start-Up Sequence
Part Three - Collective Notions
Part Four - Irrelevance

//agi. [agi@fsmail.net]