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"you can call me susan if it makes you happy" - bullet tooth tony (vinny jones)
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05:sept//2K - snatch


You may question the wisdom of placing a review of a film like Snatch on the site, especially since a fair proportion of our visitors are unable to go see the film at the cinema. However, it still deserves a mention and in any case those of you unable to see it at the cinema can watch it on its DVD or VHS release.

Snatch is the follow up to the immensely popular Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and like its older brother is a British gangster movie. The Gangster genre is quickly becoming a bit of a trademark, much like Westerns are in the States. If you have never seen Lock, Stock I suggest you do - I caution you however, that it is violent, sometimes excessively so but it is also very funny.

The plot in Snatch revolves around a stolen diamond and the several characters who get mixed up in trying to retrieve it. Basically it is lifted straight from Lock, Stock - replace the guns/cash/drugs with a diamond and you have your story. This really doesn't impact on the film too much, of course it isn't original but it really doesn't matter as long as the film is enjoyable.

The setup to the finale is much like guy ritche's previous film as well, there are differing plot threads which initially seem to have little to do with one another which eventually all come together at the end. Unlike Lock, Stock (for me at least) you can see this coming, I guess this type of thing only works on you once and forever after you can tell what is going to happen.

They are perhaps the only problems with the film and really they don't impact too greatly on your enjoyment - unless of course you must have something entirely original to watch (I bet you haven't seen anything good in a long time in that case).

The characters are the best part, Guy Ritchie does a wonderful job of bringing each of them alive, something which can be difficult in something as short as your average movie. They can come across as a little stereotypical - Boris the Russian Bullet Dodger for example, but it doesn't matter.

They are introduced much like they are in Lock, Stock - with freeze frames of the character and their name appearing on screen. It is a trick which works well and saves using valuable screen time to build the character through words. Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinny Jones) is introduced via a scene in which he is banging a car door again an unfortunate bloke's head. Obviously this is a homage to his role in Lock, Stock but you get the character instantly and nothing further really needs to be said.

Brad Pitt steals the show as "One Punch Mickey", the gypsy bare knuckle boxer - he has only ten minutes of screen time, but it seems as if he is in the entire movie such is his impact. The accent he puts on is just amazing, there isn't a hint of an American twang anywhere - it isn't as incomprehensible has some people have said, then again coming from Scotland I'm used to thick accents! Frankly it is worth going to see the movie just for Pitt's performance, it is that good.

Snatch is filled with black comedy moments, they are laugh out loud funny rather than smile to yourself funny. The best scene is when Bullet Tooth Tony and the American are driving in a car one way, with Boris the Russian in the boot and Turkish (the "main" character so to speak) and Tommy are driving the other way. Turkish is drinking milk, which Tommy takes off him because it is bad for him (apparently) and throws it out the window. It splashes all over the windscreen of Tony's car causing it to crash into a bollard. Boris somehow manages to get out of the boot and wander still blindfolded into the middle of the road where he is hit by the on coming Turkish.

Words really can't convey just how funny that scene is, the editing is amazing and makes the play work - its a visual gag which you just have to see.

Overall, this is one of the best movies of the "summer" - Ritche manages to portray again, an excellent gangster tale with humour. Of course it is similar to Lock, Stock and that is its only downfall. If it wasn't for the previous film, a Platinum plated Banana would have been awarded, as it is one banana is what the film receives. If you can, go visit your nearest cinema as soon as possible, if you can't you should be awaiting its DVD release eagerly.

//agi. [agi@fsmail.net]