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09:sept//2K - chu-chu rockect


It wasn't long ago when I actually got my Dreamcast and as of now, I only have 4 games for it. Now, I know I have a PC that is probably more capable of playing games on it than any other computer system ever, but there is an inherent charm with some games that can only be experienced when playing on a Console. You could batter on for ages discussing the above point but in order to understand it, you must have a) used a pc for years and b) be playing a game like Chu-Chu Rocket. You see, Chu-Chu Rocket is an arcade puzzle game (for those of you who don't know what a real puzzle game is, go play Puzzle Bobble, Columns or even Lemmings). This sort of game hardly ever seems to work on a PC though. In this case and that of the case of the Dreamcast, it does.

The objective of the game is thus. Chu-Chu's are space mice and their spaceport has been infested with Kapu-Kapu's. You must guide the Chu-Chu's to their rocket ships by avoiding the Kapu-Kapu's. Chu-Chu's will run in straight lines until they bump into a wall and will then turn right. The same applies for the Kapu-Kapu's. You must put down arrow panels that change the direction the Chu-Chu's move to guide them to their rockets trying to avoid the Kapu-Kapu's. You are also playing against 2-4 opponents who are all placing arrow panels trying to get the Chu-Chu's into their rockets as well. This can either be in the form of the computer, your friends on other controllers or you can play online in the Dreamarena (more later). The winner is the person with the most Chu-Chu's in their rocket at the end of the round.

If you are still following, well done. If not, then I did warn you it was a Japanese game… bear with me.

The game itself is very fast paced and quite gripping. You will need to have good reflexes and will need to be damned good on the analogue pad as the digital pad lacks the same level of fluid movement which you'll need. The whole game oozes Japanese computer game graphics and is very bright and unusually shaped. The mice have an innate cuteness to them and the cats look scary while at the same time looking smashed (get the desktop wallpaper!). The sound effects are very squeaky but clear and give the game a good feeling and its all-very well presented. Earlier, I mentioned you could play it online. This is where it fails.

The game was marketed to promote Sega's Dreamarena and get people playing online. However, the game does suffer from lag (even at 2am on the European server) and this is quite awkward when you consider the fluid and speedy response you need to do well at this game. Another drawback in the Dreamarena was that it seemed to be filled with 10 year old kids who have probably snuck on to play while mum and dad are watching Eastenders and they tended to have a more hostile stance towards everybody than I've ever seen (even having played games like Quake 3 and Half Life against hardened players!).

Overall though, the game is very addictive, very well presented and well worth every penny I spent on it. Actually, the game is free and you can pick it up from any good computer software retailer. Don't let this fool you though into thinking it's going to be crap however. This is a far better game than some of the other droll I have seen available for the system and its nice to see that the big name manufacturers are thinking about their customers for a change. If you got a Dreamcast, get it. If you're buying a DC, make sure you don't leave without it. This is a superb game that is well worth anybodies time.

If I had to rate it, it would certainly get an 87%. Although, don't ask me to justify that again…

//mr flump. [mrflump@wormsmart.net-games.com]