Edward Webb's homepage



In the near future, I will add websites to my portfolio, which you will be able to view information about on this page.


I use XHTML and CSS, and can edit XML and Javascript.

I'm currently learning PHP and MySql, using a LAMP install and this domain.


I have many browsers installed for website testing, including Internet Explorer 4-7, Firefox 1.0 - 2.0, Opera 7 - 9, Netscape 4, Lynx and Swift (Webkit for Windows).

This means that whatever browser you're using, I can make a website specific to your needs and requirements.

Web software

I use Topstyle to create websites, and also use SwishMAX for Flash content.

Photo and image editors

I use a combination of Paint Shop Pro and Inkscape for my raster (pixel-based) and vector editing needs, and have experience using Photoshop and The GIMP for complex editing.

I can optimise GIF, PNG and JPEG files, and can edit vector SVG files.

Office software

I regularly use OpenOffice.org, and have good experience using Microsoft Office, usually creating spreadsheets and writing documents.

Operating systems

I currently use Windows XP SP2, and also run Linux distributions in VMware, including Ubuntu and Zenwalk. Eventually, I intend to move fully to Linux, which is gradually maturing.