Edward Webb's homepage


I like to play all kinds of games, ranging from games like chess and poker, to boardgames like Monopoly and Perudo, and videogames like Tetris, Mario Kart, and many more.

Board and card games

I'm currently a club player with a BCF grade of 124, and have been playing for nearly 15 years. The best part of the game is the endings, where you can use the pieces to their best effect and all that matters is mating your opponent's King.
The most recent game I've been playing. Poker intially feels like gambling, but once you learn how to play well then it becomes a game of skill and opportunity. I consider myself a good player, and often play tournaments.

Video games


I've been a fan of the Worms series of games for 10 years, and still play the game to this day. The zany weapons and humorous style of the game is a great touch, and is a lot of fun.

I used to work as an editor on a Worms website called Wormsmart, which hosted a game editor that let you change options and create new weapons in the game.

More games
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