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20:jun//2K - worms centre review

Review by: koRn87

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20-06-2K:The first thing you probably think when you enter this site is, "Why does this site take so long?" Well, one reason is because of the fact that the banner is huge, and one reason it takes so long to load and I have a fast connection.

. Another thing that lowers its rating is that Mgon, who hosts WC, puts WAY too much mgon stuff on it. It has lots of content, but you are probably going to think it sucks if you are a wormer who has been around for a little while, because of what people are saying on the community mb, but if you are a newbie you will think this is a good site to visit.

However, even newbie content is small. It gets old very fast. One of the reasons I gave it a lower rating is because the news goes back so far on the page, which probably slows it down. I would say put the news posts in a archive, not leave it on the page. Also, who wants to see the "Forms are working" post from May? Take it off. Some of the elements of the sidebar work well like the colors, but others, like the mdk2 poll, need to be taken down as it is old and over.

It may seem that there are many, many sections, like the allotment, but some have little to no content on them. The teleport section is ok, but most wormers other than newbies will already know how to get to these sites. Also Lord Electro shouldn't put up sections unless there are enough content on them to make them interesting. For example, the Liero section is palatable, but needs to have more info than just what they have to really make it a worthwhile section.

At least one of the forums should be taken down due to lack of posts, they just take up space. The level section is good, you have to give Lord Electro credit for the Map Development Kit. Also Wormscircle and the site hosting are very unnecessary because of they just sit and site redirection isn't very original.

Some of the downloads have little content, I've seen more on way less professional sites. Also, some of the strategy is not very deep and convincing, I wouldn't use it at all to beat the game. The deathmatch is nothing at all, the mission guide is ok, but its taken from Jon Skeet's Page of Light so it doesn't matter.

Ahh, the newsletter. It is the only newsletter that worked out, but some of the news on it is repetitive that was posted on every worms site on the web. Also, it has been missed this week. So, bottom line is, good for newbies, doesn't live completely to its hype. Cruzn15, a Wormscenter staffer, says, "It is a very nice site that is updated daily with informative news and great content."

But, the lack of daily updates and interesting news lowers it. Every worms site on the web posted the news they put up, and at least a day or two earlier. In closing, the site goals of wc says that they, "Don't want to be a copycat site." But I guess 0 out of 4 site goals isn't bad.

Grade: 3

//agi. []