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28:jun//2K - worm farm review

Review by: koRn87

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28-06-2K:When you first go into the Worm Farm, you get the impression that it is a professional site because of A) the very, very nice banner and B) because of that the colors are a nice blue and yellow, but they are hard on the eyes after a while.

The news there is very old, the latest post is June 1st, and the only 2 other news posts are days apart, giving the impression that he gave up on the site. The design is simple, but as i said earlier, the blue and yellow are over used. The sidebar has a lack of sections, and the graphics are taken from other sites. Also there is a graphic bashing Netscape, which may offend potential visitors. There is another news section separate, but it just says that the name was changed to the Worm Farm.

Another thing that bothers me is that the sidebar isn't on all of the sections, and the banner is on only the front page which greatly retracts from it because the banner is very nice. It has a link on the sidebar which takes you to the Worms: Armageddon section, which has exactly 4 sections. The levels section has 8 or 10 levels with pictures, and they all look like they were generated with the random generator. The only other thing there is something telling where to unzip the levels. There is a schemes section also, which has instructions telling what weapons and options to use for BnG, Team 17 League, and Rope Racing.

The graves section has 10 graves, which are all graphics taken from the X-files, Spongebob Squarepants, and the Conan O'Brian show. The sigworms section has 6 sigworms, but the ones made from Carpetbutt are nice and worth a look. The Links have only 3 Links, The Official Site, The Allotment, and Wormscenter. Most wormers will know how to get there so it is kinda pointless to put them up because it is not a newbie site.

The guestbook is only noteworthy because of the fact that it has the most content out of all the sections. The messageboard is a almost standard, and it only has 2 posts other than the welcome post. The picture of the week has 3 pictures, 1 of which is worth checking out. The bottom line is, it is worth a look, but not a regular site to visit.

grade= 5

//agi. []