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xx:xxx//2K - interview with fudge boy

Interview by: Simpsworm or Aquasheep (I'll need to check)

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When did you first make a concept for Fiddler?

The Fiddler v1.0 came out in April '99. But it all started a couple of months before that, with SchemeEd. It was when I got annoyed at the inherent limitations of scheme file editing that I came up with the idea for The Fiddler.

When should we expect a Fiddler 5?

Maybe in two or three months, it depends on how much free time I get and whether I can come up with enough good ideas to warrant a new version!

What do you do in your free time?

Watch football. Eat curry.

Do you think you'll ever land a job?

I'm looking to go into academia, but if I can't find a lecturing job then I might have to get a job in the real world. I hope not.

Why the name Fiddler?

I was trying to find a name that made it clear that this was not just another scheme file editor. I wanted people to realise that it was something of a breakthrough, achieved by "fiddling around" with the internal workings of W:A. But I wasn't entirely happy with the name. To be frank, Allan's "ArmagEditor" is much more punchy. I wish I'd thought of it.

How do you sneekily avoid the public eye by only having people learn about you at WormsMart? (just kidding hehe dont have to answer that)

I usually go out with a large overcoat and big hat so that no-one recognises me.

How do you sneekily avoid the public eye by only having people learn about you at WormsMart? (just kidding hehe dont have to answer that)

I usually go out with a large overcoat and big hat so that no-one recognises me.

How many people have accually registered and payed for the fiddler?

I think it must be about fifteen, which is rather pathetic when you consider that we've logged several thousand downloads in total! *Note* My check for $8.50 is in the mail Fudge!

If you could be any tree, what would it be? hehe.

A Family Tree

Why does "The Fiddler" exist?

It exists because I got so fed up with how little you could modify the options in W:A. Worms 2 was much better for options and settings, but all the really clever stuff disappeared in W:A. I decided to put it back again.

How much do you use the program yourself?

I used to use it all the time, for playing W:A with one of my flat-mates. But he's gone off W:A recently, so I haven't had anyone to play with. A sad, sad tale.

How does it feel to be a celebrity in the worm world?

I'll send you my tour dates.

Do you play on WormNET much?

I've never played on WormNET. Not even once.

How long did the fiddler take to code?

It's not the writing of the code, exactly, that takes the time; it's disassembling the W:A code and understanding what it's doing. It's a nightmare, and it took weeks and weeks of staying up very late, occasionally staying up all night, to get it to work.

How many fiddles have you made?

I don't think I've made any complete fiddles except for the demo fiddle!

What's your favorite weapon?

My favourite, I think, is Craig Londale's "Termite Swarm" (included in the forthcoming Super Fiddle). It's on the site, in his "Wackiful" scheme. It's the only completely new idea I've seen someone come up with.

Do you use other people's fiddles?

Yes, I've played around with quite a few of them. Most fiddles around seem to be a collection of weapons rather than anything designed for actual play, and I find that you always need a modification or two to get things just how you want it.

Do you maintain Wormsmart, or they let you into the staff listings because you made the fiddler?

Allan West offered to create a site for The Fiddler, and I was more than happy for him to do so: web programming is not my strong point (to say the least). He has set it up so that ...

Whose Fudge was better, the girls' or you and your friends'? (read scrolly on Fiddler 4 beta 6 for more Info)

I'm disappointed that you had to ask.

Decaff or regualar?

Regular. Lots. Strong. White, no sugar.

Sheep or Cow?

Cow, if you're talking about W:A weapons. If you mean to eat, then it's too close to call.

Bar B Q or onion flavor?

I'd rather die than eat either. I've always hated all crisp flavourings except salt and vinegar. Once I had to eat lunch on a minibus with fourteen people who ALL had cheese and onion crisps, and I had to eat my lunch on my own outside in the rain because I couldn't cope with the smell.

Fiddler or Scheme Ed.?

Well... SchemeEd's dead and buried, really.

Donkey or Buffalo?

Oh, that buffalo. What wouldn't I give for a buffalo?

Taxi or Bus?


Crayon or Pastel?

Paint Shop Pro.

Pencil or Pen?

I heard one about a constipated mathematician who worked it out with a pencil.

Pepperoni or mushrooms?

Both. No olives.

//agi. []