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26:jun//2K - cow review

Review by: Ngfrptklob

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26-06-2K:Chilled Out Worms a.k.a Co\|/. The cow page looks like it was made by two completely different people with different intentions, then again, it probably was. The navigation menu is just simply gorgeous - it's great looking and very fun. It is written in shockwave - while it takes time to load, it is worth the wait. It has seven categories with many sub-categories. It's very easy to navigate, even for a newbie. When you click on a category, many sub-categories animate to the left of it. Excellent - what can I say?

When you look at the main frame, it's like someone took all the glory of the menu and covered it with trash. It doesn't even compare with the menu - the main frame and the menu do not have any resemblance at all. The colours do not match and it is indeed very ugly. It also does not have a colour scheme. Something is brown, something is blue and something green. The fonts are all in bold but that does not bother me much. The thing that is wrong with the fonts is that they are too big. And that makes it even more ugly. Let's go on, shall we?

The news has not been updated for a while, if you actually take the time (or accidentally) read them, you will see that SunDog posts mostly about his personal life. It also uses a lot of rough language - this definitely does not do the page any favours.

The management page explains about the members. What they do, how they are etc. The funny thing is that they use political ranks like Prime Minister, President, and WACL Minister...

The member's page just tells you who the members are and how they are graded. No biggie. The grades page is mostly for clan members - you get school grades depending on how good you are. For example: to get a C you just join the clan. To get a B you have to pass any two of the tryouts or something like that. For an A you pass three tryouts. For an A+ you beat BaZZeR in a roper or Beat 2k in a BnG. To get +A+ you have to be the Elite of the Elite. It also explains the tryout system.

The COW conduct is one of the funnier pages. The introduction is a part of the bible translated into worms. TEAM17 represents god and so on - very funny. That page also explains what rules you must obey if you are a COW member - nice and simple.

When you get to the Graves and Flags page you wish you would be on the Official Site downloads. There is a lot of flags but not so much as on the Official Site. There are only a few good graves. Mostly there is just South Park and Pokemon (god, I hate Pokemon) graves. The flags are only for member's cause they have those weird COW grades on them.

The terrain page is one of the best. There are exactly 21 terrains. Not only are they great looking but are also very useful and fun. There is a roping terrain [I think MattmrHat gave me a tryout on one of the ropers a couple of years ago for WAW. I didn't get in =(], a darksider terrain, rope racing etc.

There is not much to say about the soundbanks - there are exactly five soundbanks that are made only by members, lets just say I recommend the Official Site soundbanks instead. The files feature your usual worms files. Wormsnooper, W:A Winamp skin, SchemeEd - the usual. By the Fiddler 3.2 download I could tell that it has not been updated...well...since Fiddler 3.2.

The message board is the message board, there is nothing wrong with that. The thing is that not only most, but all of the messages are by members. The league category features Post Results, View Results, View Games and View Rules. Those sites are mostly for members so you are probably not going to visit them anyway. I like the neat way they keep their games and ranks organised.

Training Tips, Cheats and Deathmatch *sigh*. By viewing this I can say that Jon Skeet is without doubt the most popular man in those sections. Almost every site has his tutorials and COW is no exception. The Links page is also on of the better, many links to many sites.

The COW site has a great menu and it is easy to navigate through it. However, the site also has an ugly design. Some content is average, some below average and some above average. An average site gets…an average grade.

Grade: 3

//agi. []