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30:dec//99 - armageddon collection

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30-12-99:In the Armageddon Collection there are Worms Armageddon, Addiction Pinball and Worms Screensaver. This first, as all wormers know, is Worms Armageddon, which for those who don't know is arguably the best in the blow 'em up series. The two that follow you might not know so much about.

The second part of the collection is Addiction Pinball; a game containing two tables in which (like all other pinball games) you attempt to get the highest score possible through the various ramps and bonuses. The first table is called Rally Fever, though it's the Worms table that's the most playable. T17 have given a considerable amount of thought into this, with some unusual missions such as "Mars Attacks" through to the amusing "Find the 10 million point card". The graphics look nice as does the worms sounds, and the ball's movement is realistic (which can be hard to make). The only problem might be lastability, of which only hardcore pinballers will try to finish everything, but you won't help but smile when playing. Super sheep racing, anyone?

So I'm sorry to say that the last one, the screensaver, is a disappointment. The first problem is there's no way of changing the graphics settings, meaning you have to change them in W:A to speed up the screensaver, going at about 25fps. Also the terrain's look nice, until you see the CPU players play on them. Most of the worms drown because of the gaps, but this isn't the worst part, as the weapon setup scheme is terrible. Whoever gave the decision for unlimited airstrikes must be mad, as after a few minutes it's the only thing the worms use. So instead of an exciting screensaver the end result feels unfinished and unfortunate.

Is it worth buying this if you already have W:A? Probably not, though if you haven't got Worms Armageddon then it's a bargain at 20.

Review by Edward Webb


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