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19.08.06 - Teething problems.

It has become apparent that there are a few teething problems with the new site. It's all on its way to being fixed but for now don't be alarmed if things aren't behaving themselves. ;)

You may have noticed a few changes already which seem to have improved the feel of the site. These changes are part of what's causing the teething problems, heh.

Coming soon: A CSS and XHTML valid website. Stay tuned!

19.08.06 - Custom files.


I have converted the flags, maps and graves pages to fit in with the style of the site. Hopefully I retained all the functionality of the old site. If you spot a bug, let me know.

18.08.06 - New style added!

So, to help learn CSS a bit better I decided to create a variant design for the site. You can check it out here!

I don't know how to make it change style without loading a new page yet, but I'm sure as I dip my toes into the realms of PHP I will. Meh.

18.08.06 - Welcome to the new and improved website!

It didn't take long to get my head around XHTML and CSS, as it turns out, so I've thrown this front page together to keep me in the mood to do it.

I quite like how it's turning out. I'm learning as I go along so it's a fairly slow process of working out how I can manipulate what and where the boundaries are.

Soon the links at the top of the page will match the style and clean code presentation of this page. Until then you'll have to use your browser's "Back" function. Hooray!

Please do not hotlink anything on this site as it may cause explosive decompression. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, let me know via email. -666-