Deal or no deal - Player's guide

Best play

So what is the best way of playing deal or no deal? Here are the three strategies that give you the best chance...

Go all the way

The best strategy is to go all the way, unless the banker offers the average or higher. This will give you average winnings of around 25,700 in the long run, but at the same time you will win less than 1,000 for every other game you play.

Because you have only one go, you must decide whether this strategy is the one for you, and is recommended only for those who can risk large amounts of money.

Get the best odds for your money

If you have to deal (which most people do), then you should get the best possible odds on your money, such as dealing for 80% of the average, forfieting on average 20p for every 1 in play.

For example, accepting an offer for 20,000 with 1p and 50,000 left, is better than accepting an offer for 35,000 with 1p and 100,000, despite the offer being 15,000 higher.

In the first, you accept 80% of the average, whereas in the second, you only get 70%.

Because of the unpredictability of the banker, this can be a fine art to predict when to deal and when to continue. As a rule, if you decline odds of 70% for example, then you should decline any future offer with the same odds or worse.

If you are concerned that you will recieve worse odds for your money in the future rounds, and you don't want to go all the way, then you should consider dealing.

(If there is a guaranteed amount you can win, say 10,000, then you subtract this from both the average and the offer before doing the percentage calculation.)

Get as much money as you can

The third option is to deal at the highest money offer you think you can get from the banker, which gives the least amount of money overall, but is the safest way of securing money if you need it.

An important note: The money you can deal for is more important for most people than the money you can win, as you may not know what to do with all the extra money, but you definitely know what you can do with the money that you desire!